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Let's bring together two generations to make incredible memories and long lasting friendships.

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Our Mission

Elderly Hangouts is a new program to connect senior citizens with college students in supervised hangout sessions with our volunteers and organizers. This program is similar to the big brother program across schools in the nation. There’s many benefits to this wonderful program.

  • Friendship

    Make a friendship that will last a lifetime.

  • Impact

    Anyone in this program will change someone's life.

  • Memories

    Add moments to your life that you'll never forget.

  • Company

    Keep each other close, and stay consistent for llife.

  • Life

    Many seniors have a new leash on life.

  • Bubble

    Young people learn more about their world.

About Us

Many seniors are placed in nursing/retirement homes and many of their family members aren't able to visit as much. Many senior citizens across the country still desire social contact or connection with youth due to the parental and nurturing nature between these age groups. A wonderful benefit to the youth as well, because the youth will learn about life in another generation firsthand To many seniors, these types of relationships can extend their feeling of purpose and life.

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